Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

This evaluation targets at offering comprehensive details on special sauce CBD Hemp flower strain. 

The Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Strain is a very powerful flower that has the wonderful scent of a berry. It also has an earthy-green undertone that is excellent for promoting bliss and inducing calm. It ranks amongst the hemp strains that have a high concentration of CBD. The special sauce strain meets its name by expressing large amounts of terpene and cannabidiol (CBD) content.

Additionally, the flower of this strain has a dense structure. It creates resinous buds that have the form of Christmas trees. Additionally, the flower has a dark green color with traces of purple and pink sepals framed with red-orange hairs.

Additionally, the strain boosts cerebral stimulation and imagination, adhered to by a deep mental and physical relaxation. Special sauce is a solid mood booster as a result of its combination of terpene and high cannabidiol content.

Special sauce CBD is a hybrid strain with a minimal concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). It was created by crossing the initial special sauce strain that has an abundant concentration of THC with ERB (Early Resin Berry).

This cross-breeding protected the private characteristics of both strains as well as their benefits. However, it got rid of the THC content.

Terpene Profile

Terpene is a fragrant chemical compound found throughout nature. It provides a pleasant aroma in hemp. It also contributes to the restorative advantages of the cannabinoids that happen normally in the cannabis plant.

Special sauce CBD flower has a rich and varied terpene profile when compared to related strains. The primary highlight includes Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Myrcene.


It offers a unique sharp note and spice-like touch to the unique sauce hemp. It is generally referred to as black peppercorn and is identified with pain relief and concerns connected to swelling.


You can recognize the fragrance of pinene in needles and want cones, consisting of other sorts of fragrant herbs. It makes the buds of special sauce flower scent like fresh earth. The advantages of pinene are:

  • Helps in breathing
  • Supplies mental clearness
  • Produces a sensation of calmness and a stimulating sensation in the mind and the body


This is the most typical type of terpene found in both cannabis and hemp cultivars. It offers the hemp flower a ripe tropical fruit scent. Myrcene has solid sedative-like attributes that can boost leisure and tranquility.

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