Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

The term CBD strain usually describes how a hemp plant was cultivated. That is, considering its cannabidiol and THC components.

Special Sauce has a high-grade strain of CBD. Recognized for its smooth and silky preference, it consists of a broad array of cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBG, CBGA, CBCA, CBVCA, and THCA. All these comprise 19% of the strain.

It is a strain that aids the customer to remove stress and anxiety due to its cannabinoid and terpene variety. It has a calming impact that relieves the individual and triggers them to unwind. This strain contains a high CBD content of approximately 18% and a THC content of 0.7%.

This strain was established based upon the crossing of the Original Special Sauce with Early Resin Berry (ERB). While the Original Special Sauce is in charge of its CBD content, ERB is accountable for its sweet berry scent and taste.

How Does Special Sauce Look, Feeling, and Taste?

A physical examination of Special Sauce CBD flowers exposes tiny dimension nugs that when contrasted to a few other strains can look mini. Surprisingly, despite having this tiny dimension, it is a powerful flower that’s packed full of flavor that makes up for its tiny dimension.

When it concerns the flowers, you will discover a rich blend of colors that brings together different shades of green with reddish-orange and a bit of purple. Along with these, it is wrapped in a fine network of yellowish-orange tendrils. This is enhanced by a dusting of unclear trichomes and sticky resin that leaves a film on the fingers when it is touched.

A little trip from your hand to your nose will disclose a distinct fragrance that consists of a blend of berries incorporated with musk and vanilla touches.

The sauce’s taste is fragile yet satisfying. It has sweet berry notes that caress the taste buds combined with a mix of wood and earth that lastly changes into a floral taste. It is smooth and it hits the throat in a means that makes it perfect for newbies along with older users.

How To Use Special Sauce?

Inhalation is the quickest approach to start feeling the results of Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Strain. It is optimal for beginners and customers with reduced tolerance. They can discover delight in getting a pleasant experience. It can be inhaled by rolling it in paper or using it in a vaporizer. A pipe or bong is also efficient. For its high resin content, a lot of individuals also prefer to utilize it for making their very own cannabis-derived extract.

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