SOUR SPACE CANDY: Top Shelf Delta 8 Flower

Almost everything you need to understand about the top-shelf Sour Space Candy flower is in its name. Its scrumptious sour flavor profile can not be found in any other strain. The closest you’ll get is Sour Tsunami, which is among this strain’s parent flowers. Space? This federally legal flower’s effects are so mind-centering and uplifting that you’ll feel out of this world! Candy? One of the parent strains for this bud was Early Resin Berry, which adds sweetness to the overall taste and aroma. Sour Space Candy Top Shelf Delta 8 Flower is a superb daytime strain for staying productive and energetic.


Sour Space Candy is a high CBD strain developed by incorporating Sour Tsunami waves with Early Resin Berry. Sour Tsunami is just one of the first known strains reproduced to garner a high CBD content, making it an inviting addition to the hereditary qualities offered by the frequently reproduced Early Resin Berry. Space Candy is renowned for daytime use as a result of its uplifting impact, ideal for urging enjoyable and interesting socialization.

Is Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Indica or Sativa?

Revealing itself as a true hybrid, Sour Space Candy offers its user a well-balanced mixture of social power and anxiety alleviation. At the same time, it can also offer physical calm and reduce discomfort. This balance allows Sour Space to work as a stimulating daytime strain without becoming a one-dimensional experience.

Appearance of flower

When you initially see the buds developed by a Sour Space Candy plant, you’ll understand where it gets its name from. This strain will show dense buds with green, orange, and purple tones. Sour Space Candy beautifies hemp fans with some of the most desirable shades in popular pressure and offers top-shelf appeal.

Flavor & Fragrance

One of the most exciting features of trying a new strain is finding new tastes and aromas. For individuals that particularly enjoy this part of consuming hemp products, Sour Space Candy can provide a unique experience.

The smell of Space Candy is really strong when it’s released from a container or bag. This fragrance can easily fill up an area with the delicious smell of apples, cherries, and strawberries. 


Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the aroma associated with strain. They create different flavors and experiences specific to every strain based on their existence. In addition to other cannabinoids, terpenes may also have a component to play in affecting the effects of the flower on the endocannabinoid system (ECS)


Your nose will quickly identify caryophyllene for its distinct fragrance that carries notes of musk in addition to seasoning and hints of diesel or gas. Caryophyllene may be effective for aiding to lower swelling and easing digestion concerns while advertising relaxation.

This is an extremely potent variety of Indoor Hemp Flower, ensure to make its impact felt even on more knowledgeable CBD users. Its potency belongs to what makes Sour Space Candy a fantastic company for customers that need effective alleviation fast.