Nic Salts or Freebase Nicotine?

With a huge variety of options for vapers, the choices can seem overwhelming. One of the common questions among vapers is whether they should use Nic Salts or Freebase Nicotine. Whilst we cannot say which form of nicotine is better than the other as both have their pros and cons, we can tell you their similarities, differences and overall functions. This will hopefully help you decide between using Nic Salts or Freebase Nicotine.

What is Freebase Nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is made by taking nicotine in its purest form and adding ammonia to it, making a more enjoyable product. This is the same form of nicotine found in tobacco.

The slow absorption rate of freebase nicotine can mean the effects last for longer than an average cigarette as the substance remains in the bloodstream for a longer period of time. However, as the effects of the nicotine are not instantaneous, the slow absorption rate of freebase nicotine can lead to chain vaping.

Freebase Nicotine is alkaline based and so has a harsh throat hit. While many enjoy the intensity of the throat hit, as it is similar to smoking a real cigarette, some find it too severe. This can cause new vapers to lower their nicotine strengths too soon and find themselves smoking again.

Regulations enforced by the Tobacco Products Directive, Freebase Nicotine is usually sold in 10 ml. It is possible to buy a 60 ml short fill bottle. Short fills typically contain 50 ml of zero nicotine e-liquid. You then mix it with a 10 ml Nic Shot to create your desired strength. It is recommended to only mix them up to a strength of 6 mg or lower. Any stronger and the flavour might become diluted.

Freebase Liquid is compatible with most vape devices, but the general rule is to never use anything above 6 mg in a sub-ohm device.

What Are Nic Salts?

Nicotine Salts, commonly known as Nic Salts, have been growing in popularity recently. They are available in strengths up to 20 mg, but do not have the harsh throat hit that comes with Freebase nicotine. Instead, the throat hit from Nic Salts is smooth no matter what strength you choose.

Nicotine Salts are created in a similar way to Freebase Nicotine. Either benzoic acid or salicylic acid is added to pure nicotine to balance the pH. This neutralises the nicotine and creates a smoother throat hit.

Nic Salts are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream much faster, mirroring the effects of smoking a cigarette. Because of this, users are less likely to chain vape to chase the nicotine hit they are looking for. Furthermore, the battery may last for a longer period of time as the device isn’t being used as often. Of course, this depends on an individual’s vaping habits.

Nicotine based nic shots are available for those who enjoy short fills. It is still advised to only mix the e-liquid to a strength of 6 mg. This is because a higher strength could cause sickness or nausea due to nicotine rush.

Nic Salts or Freebase Nicotine?

Comparing Nic Salts and Freebase Nicotine is virtually impossible. Which is best depends entirely on the individual vaper. Ultimately, they are both created with the objective to help smokers quit tobacco cigarettes. The rest is down to your personal preferences. If you enjoy a smooth throat hit and an instant nicotine hit, nic salts might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you prefer a harsh throat hit and a slower absorption rate, you may prefer freebase nicotine. Both come in a variety of different flavours and strengths, and both are able to carry flavour well.

The most crucial thing is that you get your advice from a reliable source and to buy your e-liquid from a reputable store with staff who are equipped to guide you if you are unsure.