Is CBD Withdrawal A True Fact to be Aware of?

Any substance that is addictive possesses withdrawal symptoms when its consumption is stopped after using it for long. Withdrawal symptoms make a person feel mentally and physically sick that ends only if proper medication is taken or when again the person consumes the abusive substance.

CBD extracted from hemp plants of Cannabis sativa species isn’t addictive. That is the basic reason CBD of hemp plants is legal to use in many countries. However, CBD derived from marijuana plants does have high traces of THC thus is not accepted to be sold worldwide. THC, the tetrahydrocannabinol present in a traceable amount in hemp plants doesn’t provide the mind-altering effects. The consumption of THC that has similar curative qualities to CBD is stated to be CUD (Cannabis Use Disorder). This is because THC promotes euphoric effects.

If you are new to CBD, there is no need to fear as this cannabidiol of hemp plants doesn’t have any addictive or psychoactive elements. Its curative qualities are highly appreciated by its consumers. You can buy the required products from one of the popular CBD Barcelona online shop like the Just CBD store. They are the best manufacturers and distributors of CBD products you’ll find in Spain.

They sell genuine products having good quality CBD in their composition. The products won’t have any addictive quality, thus can be used for a long time. Wherever you buy CBD products, make sure to read the label to know whether it contains THC to remain safe from its withdrawal symptoms.

Now, more about THC withdrawal symptoms –

  • Severe headache spoils the day’s activities.
  • No longer feeling of hunger pangs.
  • Lose sound sleep.
  • Mood swings and irritability rules your life.
  • Depressive thoughts, anxiety increases sad feelings the whole day.
  • Sometimes feel feverish, may experience cold sweats and chill.

There is no report of CBD withdrawal symptoms so far however people have experienced discomfort while using inferior quality CBD. Sometimes excess dosage results in experiencing the negative aspects of CBD. Moreover, this hemp plant extract doesn’t combine well with all medications. Thus, there are chances of users realizing its adverse effects.

The unfavorable effects of CBD you need to be aware of:

  • Your body’s metabolizing capacity changes as it reacts with the enzymes of other medicines.
  • Dry mouth is experienced due to CBD effects on secretion glands of saliva. It can be reduced by keeping your body hydrated.
  • The increase in tremors can be experienced by patients suffering from Parkinson’s ailment. They are suggested not to consume high dosage of CBD.
  • Low blood pressure is a common side effect of CBD if the dosage increases or you are suffering from severe injuries. This is because of various drug interactions that don’t suit the person’s body system.

CBD side effects can be avoided by following the instructions of your medical physician. Another fact to remember is to buy only good-quality CBD products having undetectable traces of THC from trusted sellers.

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