Important Facts About Marijuana In New York

With the current legalization of adult-use cannabis in New York State, it is important to understand the regulations and laws surrounding it. Take a look at our post and we will explain the important points below.

Usage: In New York State, those aged 21 and above are allowed to own and buy 3 ounces of marijuana flower and up to 24 grams of concentrated marijuana (that consists of oils, vapes, and edibles, to and few more things). You can’t use it simply anywhere. It may be consumed in state-licensed on-site consumption sites or secretive homes only. Smoking or vaping cannabis is covered under the same regulations and rules that apply to smoking cigarettes and tobacco. Landlords can restrict the use of marijuana on their properties but they can not refuse to rent their building to an occupant who uses marijuana. It’s prohibited to go across state or leave the nation with cannabis, regardless of the validity of the products themselves. Marijuana is also still prohibited under federal law, so it is unlawful to make use of on federal land, which includes national forests and religious and school or other public places.

Driving: Driving intoxicated with cannabis is culpable and prohibited with drunk driving.

Taxes: Marijuana has 3 taxes imposed on it by the MRTA (that’s the Marijuana Regulation and Taxes Act). These tax obligations are for recreational marijuana and do not apply to medical marijuana. Distributors are strained based on the amount of THC in the product, and there are two taxes on the retail sale to the consumer: a 9% State excise tax and a 4% regional excise tax.

Getting a License to Sell Marijuana: Not just anyone can get a NY dispensary license to sell cannabis products. In New York State, the Office of Marijuana management is responsible for issuing licenses to services for participation in the adult-use, medical, and cannabinoid hemp trades. 

Expanding Marijuana at Home: It is legal for citizens of New York state’s 21 years old and above to grow 6 marijuana plants (3 fully grown and 3 premature) in their home for personal usage. There is a legal maximum of 12 plants per house (6 fully grown and 6 immature) regardless of the number of adults aged 21 or over residing in the family. The plants need to be preserved in a secure area far from anyone under the age of 21 and might not be sold to any person. They are meant specifically for individual usage.

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