How to Use and Dosage of Hemp CBD Paste?

CBD oil might be one of the well-known cannabinoid supplements on the market today. Though it isn’t the only hemp-derived food supplement, used by numerous individuals in hopes to enhance their health and wellness. CBD Paste is a hemp-derived extract that’s worth pointing out. However, what is CBD Paste, how to use it and what benefits can you expect?

What Is CBD Paste?

CBD Paste remains an unmixed type of CBD oil; a hemp supplement you may be more familiar with. It is a raw hemp extract using a CO2-extraction method, to separate the active compounds from the flowers and fallen leaves of hemp plants. This effects in a dark-colored, thick, paste-like substance full of beneficial aspects from hemp. When these are weakened with a carrier oil – like hemp seed oil- you’ll have a container of CBD oil. However, because of the thick texture of these extracts, CBD Paste is often offered in easy-application syringes.

While some manufacturers supplement their CBD Paste with a bit of butter or coconut oil for as they state less complicated usage’. We do not believe in refining these raw hemp derivatives in any way. So we ensure our products are packed and kept after extraction. Keeping our hemp extracts fresh and as close to the natural makeup of the plant as possible; for the best possible effects on your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Uses and Dosage of Hemp CBD Paste

To use hemp extracts like cbd paste, you take the cap off of the syringe and carefully place a small portion of the compound onto a spoon, finger, or nail. Obviously, make sure you’ve washed your hands thoroughly before you do so. Also, take it slow and try to start with a portion the size of a rice grain. Try not to extract too much, since you’ll have a hard time getting it back in the syringe if you do.

With the right CBD Paste dose on your finger, you can after that place the ‘blob’ under your tongue. Where the enzymes in your saliva will break down much of the paste’s texture, allowing your body to consume the active ingredients better. Most of the active components are rapidly absorbed through receptors in the mouth’s mucus. While the remainder is absorbed by the digestive system after it is ingested.

The Benefits of Using CBD Paste

CBD paste consists of a higher concentration of cannabinoids compared to the majority of ‘basic’ CBD oils. We’re looking at approximately 16,5% of CBD in the paste compared to 8% of the cannabinoid in a carrier oil. Therefore it is harder to enjoy a low dosage of Cannabidiol with this type of extract; compared to when you use CBD oil. As necessary, high-CBD hemp extracts are better matched for taking larger doses when trying to battle more serious concerns.

However, CBD Paste is not constantly the logical action when you’re trying to get more effect out of your cannabinoid supplement. Especially taking into consideration the relatively reduced bioavailability of cannabinoids in their raw kind.