How to Store Your CBD Oil Properly

CBD oil can last a whole six months when opened, and 1-2 years if remained unopened. Right here we explain how to store your CBD with treatment, ensuring it can endure its shelf life. Keeping CBD oil in the following conditions helps it to maintain its effectiveness and freshness for as long as possible, avoiding it from going to waste.

Keep Your CBD Oil Far From Sunlight

Research has revealed that direct light exposure is the most substantial feature in the deterioration of cannabinoids. Sunlight is full of visible light, yet it also contains rays that are up to either side of the visible spectrum: infrared and UV rays. The last is high-intensity rays past the violet end of the visible spectrum. Although each container is protected with glass to minimize light exposure, UV rays can still get through. The light contributes to the breakdown of CBD to the point that the potency is lowered, and in extreme cases, the cannabinoid content disappears entirely.

If you wish to preserve the freshness of your CBD oil, a basic tip is to treat it similarly to olive oil, coconut oil, and other food preparation oils. Keep the lid tight, the bottle far from direct sunlight, and store the oil in a dark place.


Aside from light, another factor that influences CBD is direct exposure to oxygen and other contaminants in the environment. While these may not deteriorate the compounds completely, they can highly affect the overall effectiveness. This is why all premium CBD producers will use impermeable containers to store their products. After each usage, be sure to leave the bottle firmly sealed, closing the lid firmly to prevent any oxygen from entering.


Exposing CBD to high temperatures is a surefire means to reduce its efficiency. Though one study showed that refrigeration is optimum, usually talking, if you’re keeping your CBD oil or product at room temperature, it’s extremely not likely to end early.

However, you should monitor the temperature of the area that you’re storing it in if it’s over 23 ° C, which is possibly too hot. We would certainly advise keeping it in the bath cabinet, as this also prevents placing it near any windows and as a result risks any heat exposure from direct sunlight.

How Long Can You Store CBD Oil?

If you follow these rules after that your CBD should last for 6 months when you’ve opened it. As we have reviewed since CBD oil is perishable, it will still be usable after, however, its active ingredients will inevitably start to break down when you’ve passed the six-month mark.

When it comes to early expiration, you need to be able to observe a few telltale signs that the oil is no more usable, such as a strange or unpleasant smell, a color modification, and it not having its anticipated effects compared to your common dose. In this case, there is no risk of being used, but the oil will certainly be much less effective and it might for that reason take more to experience its effects.

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