How to Print on Mylar Bags?

If you are reading this, then either you already know about Mylar bags or you are interested in them. When it comes to keeping dry food such as rice, beans, and flour safe for a long period, the efficiency of Mylar bags is best. There are some things that when kept appropriately food stays fresh and healthy for up to 25 years.

Processed food that you have purchased from a superstore and is lying on your shelf primarily packed with Mylar bags and duly printed. Considering printing Mylar bags and pouches at home when you are looking at them is rather normal. However, commonly individuals kill their interest out of worry that printing Mylar would be hard. Besides, the predicament of which printing approach to choosing also plays a role in making them backtrack.

If you are comfortable managing ink and brush you can use display printing in your Mylar bags. It’s an easy and economical technique for customizing your Mylar bags, nonetheless will consume a significant time.

Products you need for printing are:

  • Mylar bag.
  • A finished easy display pattern
  • The ink of your preferred color
  • Thin cardboard
  • A plastic blade
  • A tiny squeegee

Place the cardboard into the Mylar bag to ensure that the top surface remains crease-free. Currently, it is on a hard and even surface. After that place the stencil on top of the Mylar bag. If you do not understand how to make a stencil or you do not have enough time, you can quickly buy one from the store or order online.

Place the design specifically where you want the design to be printed. Start by packing the ink onto the squeegee and start printing. Do not forget to hold the stencil down strongly, or else the possibilities are high that you will ruin the layout. Ensure that you have inked the entire style. Try to get as much excess ink off the stencil before you lift it off to stop unneeded ink wastage.

If any gap is noticed go over it again with your ink. When you are sure that the ink has gone all the way, lift the stencil completely. Rinse the stencil with water so that it can be used in the future. Allow the ink to air to dry for a minimum of an hour or use a dryer to speed the drying process up. The best thing is, that you can also tint the design with any shade of your choice.

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