Always remember that CBD subscription boxes differ extensively, and they normally contain a wide variety of products from capsules cbd tinctures to creams and everything in between.

That’s more reason why you need to check some product criteria when picking hemp-derived CBD products to add to your subscription box.

To help you, we’ve selected the most important requirements for you to consider.

Product quality

Some CBD subscription boxes are loaded with low-grade CBD products, and providers use them at an inflated price.

That’s why you always need to find trusted vendors. If you are considering different boxes, you can quickly Google search specific products that are provided in the package, to check out some reviews to see which products have a good overall reputation and if those are what you’d wish to use.

Cost and Value

Always remember CBD subscription boxes are expected to save you money. Suppliers usually buy CBD products in bulk therefore they can help pass the savings on to individuals interested in buying CBD subscription boxes. That is among the reasons why you should go with subscription services.

It can be difficult to compare costs because it’s not just about the variety of products in your box but the quality of each product.

The difference between the rate of a 100% organic super-potent CBD tincture and a low-CBD product can be huge. So ensure you take potency and dosage-per-product into account when comparing.

Products variety

CBD Subscription Box includes thoroughly picked CBD product types, from topicals to balms to gummies and edibles. When you subscribe to a delivery service, you’ll always get thoroughly curated products that’ll allow you to try out some products you might have never heard of or tried before.

That’s why we suggest you check subscription providers’ social accounts to see historic boxes to get an excellent idea of item types you can expect.


Some subscription boxes are recommended for beginners who are new to the CBD world. They often include low dosages to help your body grow accustomed. Other subscription boxes (CBD for Pets, Recreation Box, Health and Wellness Box, Beauty Box, and Hemp Flower Variety Box)  are packaged for more experienced users, hence, they come in higher doses.

However, keep in mind that dosing can be tricky as they depend upon many factors, including historical encounters, intended usage, and biological factors.


CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in many states. Regardless of the legal right to use CBD products, some employees still do not allow the use of any cannabis-derived product, and many nations restrict it.

It is important to confirm if a product you want to add to your CBD subscription box is legally allowed in your area before buying it.

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