How to Identify Whether Your Elf Bar Is Real or Fake?

Elf bar 2500 disposable vapes are flying in the market right now with their great vibrant layouts and smooth modern technology, making them the perfect pocket friendly for any vape. With its perfectly built thin pen-style appearance, coming pre-filled and precharged, the Elf bar is best for an individual who is always on the go and trying to find that immediate satisfaction.

Elf bars are affordable and less costly than your average package of cigarettes, containing 2% Nicotine, they are the best starting vape for any individual wanting to quit smoking cigarettes. Extremely easy, Elf bar 2500 features a wide range of flavors. Each device supports an 850mAH built-in battery, and 2ml prefilled juice and delivers about 2500 puffs. Great for giving that quick satisfying nicotine hit. But how to verify whether the elf bar is real or fake?

How to Tell Whether Your Elf Bar Is Real or Fake?

The physical sticker has been designed to be extremely challenging to reproduce. Along with checking the QR Code on the sticker to validate Authenticity online with Elf Bar, the Elf Bar pack includes anti-counterfeiting technology. They made the physical sticker hard to copy. If you check out the sticker itself, you can verify its authenticity based on physical features alone.

Scan the Qr Code on the Box to Validate the Authenticity

  • Point the camera on your phone into the UPC on your Elf Bar box. 
  • Your phone must post your device data and show a web link.
  • Click the web link to Elf Bar’s safety web page, where you will see either message.
  • If you are not able to scan the code, you can enter the number manually on Elf Bar’s confirmation page here.

Why Buy From a Reputable Elf Bar Seller?

If you purchase from a respectable seller or website, your chances of getting a genuine (un-tampered with) Elf Bar products are high. Elf Bar provides directly to pick distributors, where they fulfill the reseller’s order, so they have product when you order from them. Resellers buy from Master Distributors, so they might have a lot more markup and not have all the most updated flavors or series, yet they are a lot safer to buy from than a non-licensed business. If you do not have a licensed Elf Bar seller near you, you can also go shopping for all Elf Bar flavors online at Vape Monkee.


Regardless of where you source your Elf bars, use Elf bar’s anti-counterfeiting technology to confirm the authenticity and report any type of duplicates you accidentally get to aid get them off the rack for the next person.

Check the authenticity using the sticker to a variety series number on the manufacturer’s website and look for one of the tips mentioned above, you can be sure you have a properly designed, safe vape loaded with the juice you spent for. Try the super fruity taste of elf bar 2500 , elf bar 3600, elf bar 4000 and enjoy its long-lasting use! 2500 puffs, i.e. 2500 puffs in a small and disposable device. Order now!