Buying weed online in Vancouver is a hassle-free means to buy recreational cannabis. Nonetheless, novice users may not be sure where or how to buy their weed online in Vancouver, so we’ve created a thorough buyers overview for any individual interested in buying weed online.

Is it Legal to Buy Weed Online in Vancouver?

It is 100% legal to buy weed online. This is great news for any person living in Vancouver that intends to purchase weed online, giving an easy and convenient area to buy their cannabis. Anybody purchasing weed online in Vancouver needs to be 19 or over and have an address based in British Columbia. You are restricted to getting 30g of cannabis product per online deal, which is the same amount as legal possession in public. 

Where Can I Buy Weed Online in Vancouver?

Currently, you can buy weed online at This is a government-operated online store and is the place people in Vancouver can purchase premium weed. So, any individual living in Vancouver looking to buy weed in any kind of capacity will want to use the Vancouver pot Stores Westcanna.

What Type of Weed Can I Buy Online in Vancouver? 

Westcanna has a diverse variety of legal marijuana products available for sale. This includes dried flowers, oil and capsule, pre-rolls, and rolling documents. There are different cannabis varieties available in a weed store, with each having its unique benefits. This leaves a great range of products to select from if you want to purchase legal weed online in Vancouver. Prices do vary depending on potency and overall quality, with prices per gram different.

How to Buy Weed Online in Vancouver?

To buy weed online in Vancouver you require to see weed stores. Using the online store for purchasing weed could not be less complicated, as you require to create a visitor profile to buy products. Just pick the cannabis product you want and afterward add it to your cart. Great detail on the site is that there are premium quality images of each cannabis and thorough info concerning their flavor profile, THC and CBD content, and the type of high to expect. Ensure to select a proper weight if acquiring dried out cannabis flower, which is marketed in 1g, 3.5 g, and 7g weights, and the amount of each item you get. Select a payment option than merely wait on your weed to obtain a supply! You need to verify your age when signing for your delivery. Vancouver Marijuana Delivery requires 2 types of ID. This includes a government-issued ID or an ID with your name, day of birth, and a picture, in addition to an ID with an imprint of your name and signature.

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