How to Customize Smell Proof Bags with your Logo

Sit peacefully knowing your cannabis is stored in 100% smell-proof packaging bags that are designed to preserve the aroma from fading. Perfect for taking a trip or storing your cannabis in your home, custom bags will not give off any kind of cannabis smells so your customers can keep their cannabis secret.

Smell Proof Mylar Bags– Smell Proof Bags

An additional commonly used smell-proof or odor-proof bag alternative is the simple custom mylar bag. These bags can be found in a variety of sizes, so there’s no issue that’s too small or too big; whether it’s a half-ounce of cannabis or a 1 pound, let our odor-free bags keep these aromas away. We can create regular and stand-up bags, which can open 2 ″ under, and can be used as a base to depend on.

Select a reliable and simple design with resealable locks that are easy to open and close and great for protecting, and keeping water, moisture, smells, and contamination out. Mylar bags are the easiest and budget effective weed storage option on the market and have been depended on by cannabis firms of all sizes.


The density of smell-proof bags does not simply keep the smell from heading out, it also makes them resistant to tearing. With our bags, there is no hint of stock inside and those unaware of the hidden products inside can not tell any difference. These bags are smell proof and do not leak smell when kept in one place for a longer duration.

They’re Made from a Safe Material

The custom resealable bag is made from metal Mylar and aluminum foil: 2 reliable and non-toxic materials that allow you to store products safely. There are options of smell-proof bags available on the marketplace– some strain designs, while others put a center of attention on usefulness and size, like our preferred storage bags.

When you’re trying to find privacy, it becomes easier. Apart from keeping the products inside smell-proof and discrete, top-quality smell-free bags will ensure they remain undamaged from water and do not lose their rich aroma and flavor.

They’re Multi-Functional

Whether you would like your users printed mylar bags throughout transportation or storage space, we have the optimal plan for you. Our huge selection of multi-purpose obstacle Smell proof bags for weed is the packaging option you’re trying to find.

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