Factors to Consider When Choosing CBD Gummies

We’re going to focus on choosing the best possible CBD gummy, but these factors apply to any other type of CBD edible as well.

If you’re sure you want to try a CBD gummy but don’t know where to start looking, pay attention to the following features.

Hemp Source

Only the best sources of hemp should be used in any CBD extraction. This is the number one thing to pay attention to when shopping for CBD edibles. OHSI uses only the highest quality EU hemp sources, which are entirely THC free.


This factor will be different depending on what kind of product you’re personally looking for. When it comes to CBD gummies, 10-30mg per gummy is the standard.

Anything under 10mg wouldn’t have the desired effect. Potency that goes beyond 30mg is for those with a little more experience of CBD.


One of the best and true things about CBD edibles is that you can combine them with so many different flavours. For CBD gummies, the options are inexhaustible.

OHSI has many delicious flavours for CBD gummies. You can choose from lemon-lime, mango, strawberry, and raspberry packages. All flavours are completely natural and delicious.

Added Ingredients

The quality of added ingredients is incredibly important when choosing a CBD edible. What’s the point of getting the health benefits of CBD only to negatively impact your overall well-being with other ingredients?

Make sure that added ingredients are also natural and not harmful. If possible, focus on the brands that use only high-quality oils, natural sugars, and food colouring.

Get All the CBD Benefits With Your Favourite CBD Edible

The convenience of taking CBD edibles is indisputable, especially when talking about CBD gummies. Other types of CBD edibles can be both fun and convenient way to get the most out of CBD.

Whether you’re trying to ease the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, or trying to manage chronic pain, CBD gummies have the potential to help.

However, there’s so many of them on the market, it’s essential to make sure that you’re getting the best product. OHSI focuses on only delivering exactly that to their customers.

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