Everything You Should Know About Sativa Seeds

The seeds spots collection of sativa seeds has been selected to be easy to grow with a heavy yield of great quality cannabis. Many  farmers love the innovative and active high created by cannabis grown from autoflower Sativa seeds and other sativa seeds.

What are Sativa cannabis seeds?

Sativa seeds turn into fully grown cannabis Sativa plants. These have a high structure and generate the characteristic thin-bladed Sativa leaves. Sativa seeds produce buds that commonly have solid analytical and psychoactive effects.

Buy Sativa cannabis seeds online

Looking to purchase Sativa seeds online? If you’re searching for some  sativa seeds to grow some quality sativa cannabis the theseedsdepot collection has several of the best sativa seeds available. For some cultivators, nothing quite compares to the skyrocketing, psychedelic high which originates from Sativa seeds. Sativa seeds are available to purchase from theseedsdepot. You have several different kinds of Sativa seeds to pick from. You can buy Autoflower seeds, or sativa seeds, whichever seeds you buy you can be sure of hefty results and an easy growing experience.

Female Sativa Seeds

You can find many purple Sativa seeds, landrace Sativa seeds, and also sativa high CBD seeds online. You can also choose from indoor sativa seeds, outdoor Sativa seeds, or high THC Sativa seeds.

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Durban Poison
  • Green Crack

Best autoflower Sativa cannabis seeds

Inside your home, they take about 11 weeks to expand from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light. Below are some of our most popular autoflower Sativa seeds.

Regular Sativa seeds

Regular Sativa cannabis seeds create approximately equivalent numbers of male and female offspring. They are a prominent selection with growers or those looking to breed/cross cannabis plants.

Sativa High CBD seeds

How to tell Sativa from Indica cannabis seeds?

What do sativa seeds resemble? Sativa seeds look much like any other cannabis seeds, you can’t tell that they are sativa seeds merely from the outdoor cannabis seed appearance. The only method to understand what cannabis seed genetics you have is to grown them

What are the blooming times and yields for Sativa strains?

Sativa strains frequently take a week or longer than indica strains flowers. Generally, you can expect flower times of around 10-11 weeks when growing from feminized cannabis Sativa seeds.

What are the regular results of Sativa-dominant strains?

The effects might be noticeable, probably more so than with indica strains. The Sativa high is typically blissful, creative, promoting, and energizing with possibly much less of a ‘body stone’ compared to some indica strains.

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