Dab Rigs: What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

A dab rig is a smoking device that vaporizes wax and oil concentrate. However, even bongs can be customized to fit the completely dry natural herb and wax concentrate. After that why Dab Rigs, you ask yourself? Since dab rigs are not the same. Dab rigs are designed with functional and technical features that help in cooling the vapor before it reaches the user.

Using a Dab Rig

Dab rigs are glass pipes that resemble Weed Bongs but have a tendency to be smaller. Their heating and production process varies from that of the traditional bong. The “nail” is the main part of a dab rig used to smoke marijuana. It sits on top of a glass joint and needs to be in good condition for the user to smoke cannabis with no problems. The treatment starts with heating the nail with a torch. Eventually, the nail gets to extreme heat. When the appropriate temperature level is reached, the product is “dabbed” onto the heated nail, producing a flash that transforms it into vapor and is afterward inhaled.

Different Dab Device

Here is a listing of the essential devices for dabbing.

Dabber: A dabber is a metal or ceramic device used to apply the concentrate to a hot surface. Dabbers are available in different shapes and sizes, but a lot of them are around 6 inches long.

Nail: A nail is heated on which the dabber will apply the concentrate. The nails are made from different products, such as ceramic, glass, and quartz.

E-nail: An electronic nail is a burner that uses electricity to heat the dabbing surface rather than a torch.

Dome: The dome is put over the nail once heated up, and afterward the dabber is applied. This traps the vapor inside and allows you to inhale it.

Banger: The banger is a type of glass nail. It is similar to a dome since it has a top and lower product. However, the difference is that there will not be any dome covering it when dabbing.

Carb cap: A carb cap covers the nail when it is not in use. This helps keep the heat inside and makes it simpler to vaporize your concentrates.

Benefits of Using Dab Rigs


They provide an effective means of consuming concentrates, which means less product is required for the same impact smoking flower would require. This makes it more cost-effective because one does not need to use much wax or oil each time they dab.


Dab rigs are healthier methods to consume concentrates. When you smoke flowers, you expose yourself to the health risks found in the plant. However, you only inhale the evaporated concentrate and not any dangerous chemicals when you dab.

Smoother Hits.

Dab rigs reduce the harshness that individuals encounter when smoking cannabis. On the other hand, wild natural herbs may regularly create severe smoke that aggravates throat inflammation when one obtains closer to the warmth resource, as one would certainly when smoking a candid or joint.

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