CBD and COVID-19

Since the start of the global corona pandemic, various scientists have studied the possible benefits of treatment with active ingredients contained in cannabis. More recently, mouse research has made headlines, reporting that one hundred percent of mice treated with THC survived artificially-induced acute lung failure, which has fueled hope in the fight against Covid 19. Now there are the next research results from the Dental College of Georgia and the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, where cannabidiol – that is, CBD – has again been shown to be effective against the symptoms of Sars-CoV-2 disease which should not be despised. CBD in cannabis reduces lung damage from Covid-19.

Scientists have used CBD for the severe symptoms of Covid-19 disease because cannabinoids are already known to increase the amount of oxygen available while inhibiting inflammation. Now, researchers have been able to prove that the use of cannabidiol stimulates the production of natural peptide apelin and increases its levels. Laboratory models have shown that the level of apelin in the blood in ADRS (acute eye failure) is reduced to almost zero, but thanks to CBD it can be increased by up to 20 times. Apelin is a ubiquitous peptide made by cells of the heart, lungs, brain, adipose tissue, and blood which is an important regulator in lowering both blood pressure and inflammation, says Dr. Babak Baban, DCG immunologist and vice-dean researcher and study author. “The CBD almost brought it back to a normal level,” reported involved researcher Dr. Jack Yu.

Apelin works in conjunction with the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor to control blood pressure, but it is precisely this receptor that Covid-19 uses to enter human cells. The virus then breaks the cooperation between ACE2 and Apelin and prevents the blood vessels from relaxing while it causes other cells to start reproducing the pathogen. The study’s authors have now found that CBD treatments somehow jump-started the production of apelin in infected bodies, to protect the lungs and even repair some of the structural damage caused by viruses like COVID-19. . However, the researchers stress that they do not yet know if the coronavirus or CBD is directly related to Apelin, or if the production of the peptide is a side effect of other bodily processes that take place during the disease. Nevertheless, they also point out that previous research has shown a strong correlation with ADRS, mentions the important role played by Apelin, and explains the beneficial effects of increasing Apelin levels from treatment with CBD. However, more research is still needed.

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