Benefits of Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

The question many smokers ask is if it’s better to smoke or vape cannabis and tobacco when they’re thinking about purchasing a dry herb vaporizer.

Vapes heat dry herb to a temperature high enough to activate THC or CBD without losing the product. So because they do not burn, they do not produce toxic components like health hazards and other cancer-causing chemicals. Hence, vaping is considered to be a safer option than smoking for cannabis and tobacco users.

Below are the advantages you need to keep into consideration before purchasing a vaporizer. However, let’s explore a little about the type of vaporizers before all that.

Vaporizers’ Heating Systems

There are two types of vaporizers according to their furnace: Conduction Vaporizers and convection vaporizers.

Conduction Heating vs Convection  Heating

Conduction heating brings your natural herbs into direct contact with the vape’s heating elements, causing a faster heat-up time yet greater possibilities of burning.

In convection heating, the herb doesn’t directly contact the heat resource. Rather, steamy air from the ceramic core part or coil heat source undergoes the vape, vaporizing the product while doing so. Convection can be expensive but can be worth it for the vapor’s high quality alone. Additionally, though it takes longer to fire up with convection, the natural herbs won’t combust and the vapor is consistently flavored.

Apart from not producing smoke which is dangerous to our health, vaporizers use other benefits. Below are some of the major advantages of vaping.


Vapes are very discreet. If for whatever reason you do not want people to find out that you enjoy vaping, with vaporizers, you can keep it on the down low.

If you’re always on the move, you can constantly choose a Dry Herb Vaporizers pen, as an example, which can fit in pockets and small bags and nobody would certainly identify.

Strong tastes

Burning cannabis or tobacco leaves negative effects. The smoke can mingle and overpower the taste. Vaping, on the other hand, just burns the herb, so it retains its flavor and you get to experience the full range of terpenes only vaping can supply.

Temperature settings

Most high-quality vapes consist of unpredictable control over temperature setups, enabling specific temperature control. This means you can control the temperature level at which you heat your herb or concentrate. As a general rule of thumb, vaping at higher temperatures will certainly produce larger, thick clouds that place you in various experiences. Vaping at lower temperatures provides a nice, refined effect while enabling you to enjoy the full aroma and flavor of your cannabis.

Hope you find the article informative. Thanks for reading it.

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