About Wine Trivia & Fun Facts – This Day In Wine History

If you’re starting to worry that you might be rapidly approaching the end of things to talk about, worry not. Playing a little wine fact is a fun method to get the debate going again. You’re likely to find a thing or more concerning wine.

If you’re feeling affordable, you can make it an alcohol consumption game– whether it’s just you and your partner, or whether you’re having fun with close friends at a virtual happy hour.


Ever been to a wine event and been lost for words? Or a wine tasting where a lot of the debates seem to be about wine? This little list of wine trivia will keep you in the heart of every conversation, enthralling different other wine aficionados. Belong to the in-wine club with some quick wine facts.

  • The most popular types of wine are red, white, and rosé. However, there are rarer red wines consisting of orange and blue.
  • There are 1300 ranges of grapes used to make wine around the world.
  • The best method to consume alcoholic wine is by filling the glass only 1/3rd the way. This allows the aromas to percolate the air and aerate the wine for much better preference.
  • Wine is the finest stored horizontally. This allows it to stay unaffected by cork dampness while also protecting against air from going into the bottle.
  • Wine has no fat and cholesterol. This makes it the ideal drink if you’re seeing your weight.
  • A great idea for maintaining sparkling wine from going flat is to keep a little silver spoon in the neck of the bottle.
  • Symposium was the center of a social and intellectual dispute in Greece. Words themselves suggest “alcohol consumption”, and the Greeks substantially favored wine alcohol consumption while engaging in intelligent conversation.
  • All wines are kept at the same temperature. However, red and white are intoxicated at entirely different temperature levels for the best taste.
  • ” Cork-tease” is a term used to explain someone who always proposes opening up a bottle of wine but never does.
  • The idea of “cheers” derived from the old times when individuals put a bit of their wine into others’ glasses to check for toxins.

Wine Trivia & Fun Facts

Q: How much wine is in a standard bottle?

A: The standard wine is 750 milliliters.

Q: What’s the biggest type of wine bottle?

A: It’s called the Nebuchadnezzar and it holds 15 liters of wine. That’s the equivalent of 20 normal bottles in a single huge bottle.

Q: How long after growing is a grapevine all set to make wine?

A: It takes around 3-5 years for a grapevine to start bearing fruit that can be made into wine. After that, grapevines can typically flourish for another 40 years.

Q: How old is the earliest vineyard in the world?

A: The earliest vineyard shown thus far goes back to 4100 BC. 

Q: What colors can wine be?

A: Red, white, pink (or rose), orange, and blue.

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